Jacquejoy Littlefield

Jacquejoy Littlefield, REALTOR®

Jacquejoy is committed to excellence with results driven by experience. A Professional Realtor
since 2005, she has been in the "helping families" business for over 19 years including having had a successful career as a Professional Educator. Having bought, renovated, and sold various
properties for herself and her clients; she understands the complex process of buying and selling
homes and loves working with families with expertise in all areas of real estate. She is a Mom to
two boys in college and wife since 1992 to her husband, Brian. Outside of her professional life
she enjoys long walks with her Husband and her dog, a Texas Blue Lacy named Honey. She loves
reading, skiing, new adventures, movies, coffee, kombucha, Sushi, quality time with family.

Member of National Association of Realtors®
Member of Colorado Association of Realtors®

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