Victor Bettelli

Victor Bettelli, REALTOR®

Victor Bettelli, originally from Venezuela and now a staple in the Northern Colorado community for nearly 30 years, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his various roles. Educated in chemistry, his analytical skills have been a cornerstone of his success in the business world. Victor owns and operates Makro Industries LLC, a leading janitorial company, and has an extensive portfolio in real estate, owning and managing rental properties for over 25 years. His deep understanding of investment real estate properties has not only grown his own portfolio but also allowed him to help others in building their wealth through real estate.

Married to Marta and a father to Isabella and Nicholas, Victor blends his professional expertise with his personal life, also contributing to the community as a soccer coach. His Italian heritage subtly influences his approach, adding a layer of cultural richness to his interactions and business dealings.

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