Liz Crews, REALTOR®

For the last six years I’ve called Colorado home and have been fortunate enough to find a
community that has allowed me to pursue a wide range of interests, and ultimately landed me in
real estate doing something that I am passionate about each and every day.

My real estate journey began over a decade ago in New Hampshire where I met my first love:
my childhood home built in the 1800s. I have fond memories of walking through the
neighborhoods, mesmerized by the beautiful and ornate historic architecture that lined the
streets. I should have known early on that real estate was my calling. My grandfather started a
landscaping business and worked his way up to building homes, I was featured on HGTV at 15
years old, and I purchased and renovated my first property at 24. I often think “I didn’t find real
estate, it found me.”

Helping those in my local community has always been my biggest motivator. Originally, I
pursued serving others in healthcare, earning my Master’s degree in…

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