Liz Crews, REALTOR®

For the last six years I’ve called Colorado home and have been fortunate enough to find a
community that has allowed me to pursue a wide range of interests, and ultimately landed me in
real estate doing something that I am passionate about each and every day.

My real estate journey began over a decade ago in New Hampshire where I met my first love:
my childhood home built in the 1800s. I have fond memories of walking through the
neighborhoods, mesmerized by the beautiful and ornate historic architecture that lined the
streets. I should have known early on that real estate was my calling. My grandfather started a
landscaping business and worked his way up to building homes, I was featured on HGTV at 15
years old, and I purchased and renovated my first property at 24. I often think “I didn’t find real
estate, it found me.”

Helping those in my local community has always been my biggest motivator. Originally, I
pursued serving others in healthcare, earning my Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration
while working for UCHealth. I stayed in the healthcare industry for almost ten years and began
investing in real estate during that time. Eventually, an opportunity to get my real estate license
arose to help a close friend grow her business. Before I knew it, I was quitting my W2’d job and
dedicating all of my energy to helping others use real estate to achieve their goals.

The compassion, understanding, and advocacy from my time in healthcare immediately
transferred to my clients. I take a transparent, up-front approach to communication that places
the value on my client’s having the information needed to make informed decisions. The market
today requires out-of-the-box strategic thinking. It is my obligation to give my clients every
competitive edge available when buying and employing tactics to maximize net proceeds when
selling. I have a proven track record of delivering in both areas time and time again through
excellence in contract writing, negotiating, communication, industry expertise, and influence –
allowing my clients to come out on top.

In my spare time, I like spend time with those I love or be outdoors exploring all that beautiful
Colorado has to offer. A competitive athlete by nature, I love coaching youth sports as well as
Special Olympics. You may also find me volunteering at the Weld County Food Bank, or just
simply hanging with my dog, Lucy, a 13-year-old border collie mix rescue. Among other things, I
love to travel and am always down to try something new. Ever been skydiving? I have. Twice.

Joining the C3 Real Estate Solutions gives me the opportunity to do what I love in a more
intimate setting and elevate the service I am providing. If you ask me what real estate is about, it
comes down to one word: people. At C3, I am able to cultivate lasting relationships within a
company that aligns closely with my own values and principles. I am excited to continue to find
new ways to add value to my clients, from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors, every
person I serve deserves the best and that is exactly what I strive to be.

Member of National Association of Realtors®
Member of Colorado Association of Realtors®

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